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Login Procedure and Common Login Errors

For any login issues, please see below to the appropriate topic and click on the corresponding link for remedies to resolve your issue.

How to Log in to the FileTrac System: If you are needing assistance with the Login and Authentication process, please click on the link below for step-by-step instructions:

How to Log in to the FileTrac System : FileTrac Support (

Username and Password Help: 

Incorrect LoginID/Password; Resetting Password : FileTrac Support (

Login Error "Something Went Wrong": 

Login Error "Something went Wrong" : FileTrac Support ( 

Logging in for Multiple Accounts: 

Multiple FileTrac Accounts : FileTrac Support ( 

Error Message "Your account has been blocked after multiple consecutive login attempts": Submit a ticket requesting for your account to be unblocked.  Provide the company in which you are attempting to log in for and the LoginID you are using.

New Phone/Recovery Code:

New Phone/Recovery Code : FileTrac Support (

Error Message "Couldn't Enroll Your Device":

Error Message "Couldn't Enroll Your Device" : FileTrac Support ( 

Verification App Requesting Passphrase:

Verification App Requesting Passphrase : FileTrac Support ( 

Best Practices for Minor Errors:

Solution 1:

  • Log out of FileTrac.  
  • Close all browsers and reopen.
  • Log in to the FileTrac website provided by your company admin.  Please do not use an existing bookmark as this may point to an old web page.  
  • If the credentials auto-populate when you click on your company's link, please clear them out and enter them manually.  It may be necessary to clear your browser's cache if you are unable to manually enter the correct co. 

Instructions on how to clear your browser cache:
Microsoft Edge: View and delete browser history in Microsoft Edge
Google Chrome: Clear cache & cookies - Computer - Google Account Help 

Solution 2:

Make sure that computer's clock is correct for date, time, and time zone.  Altering this will be considered a security risk and not allow an authenticated login.

FileTrac Support Portal "FreshDesk" Login:

FileTrac Support Portal "FreshDesk" Login : FileTrac Support

Additional Login Topics can be found through the following link:

Login Procedures : FileTrac Support (

Tech Support:

Tech Support : FileTrac Support (

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