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Having Trouble Closing a Claim?


Having Trouble Closing a Claim in FileTrac?

Last updated:  8/25/2021



If you are having trouble closing a claim in FileTrac, a crucial step was likely missed.  Often, adjusters that are familiar with FileTrac have been taught to mark a claim “Ready for Review”.  Once the file has been marked Ready for Review, a file will not be able to be closed until that file is marked Reviewed:  Approved


How to Mark a Claim Reviewed:  Approved:


  1. Click on the Diary Notes for the claim that needs to be closed.


2. Check the box for Reviewed:  APPROVED.

3. Add any note needed in the comments section and Click Save Comment.

4. Go back to Manage This Claim and Click on the Current Status

5. Now you will have the ability to change the Status to Closed.



If your company is not taking advantage of our Alerts and the system within FileTrac that has been developed to manage files that need to be reviewed from the Alerts page you or an Admin with your company should review the process or reach out to our support team for more information.  This process can help streamline your workflow. To learn more about this process and how to setup your system, please refer to the support document titled: “Complete Reviewer Process”. This will give you step by step instructions to set up your system.


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