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Bookmarking a FileTrac URL

When bookmarking a FileTrac URL, do not bookmark the https://filetrac-legacy.auth0.com address (the 'Welcome' page where you enter your credentials) as you will receive an error message when attempting to use that bookmark.  Instead, log in to your company's FileTrac system using the FileTrac web address and credentials that were provided to you for that company.  

If working for multiple companies, you can bookmark the web address for each company and name it accordingly.  

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Once you have logged in for your company, you can then bookmark the 'Alerts' page with the correct FileTrac URL by following the below steps:

1. Click the star icon at the end of the web address bar

2. Name the bookmark 

3. Then click Done

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To Modify an Existing Bookmark in Edge: If a user has bookmarked the https://filetrac-legacy.auth0.com address page, they can update their bookmark to the appropriate FileTrac URL by following the steps below:

1) Open Microsoft Edge.

2) Click on the Hub button on the toolbar.  It is the button directly right of the address bar with the star overlay icon over three horizontal lines.

You will see a list of pages and sites you've added to bookmarks. 

3) Right click on the desired item to modify it. In the context menu, select Edit.

4) Edit the URL of the item to change it, then click Save.

To Modify an Existing Bookmark in Chrome:

1) Open Chrome. 

2) Right-click on any bookmark and click Edit. 

Change the URL from the pop-up window, then click Save

If you do not see the bookmark in the Bookmarks bar, you can go to the bookmarks manager on Chrome: 

1) Click on the 3 vertical lines in the upper right-hand corner

2) Hover over ‘Bookmarks’

3) Click on ‘Bookmark Manager’

4) From there, right-click on any bookmark and choose Edit.  Enter the correct FileTrac URL on the pop-up, then click Save. 


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