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Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Verification Code

The Verification Code is a necessary step in the multi-factor authentication. 

When using an unfamiliar device, users will have to enter the Verification Code so as to verify that they are the account owner in question.  

If a user has a device they regularly access FileTrac with, they can check the box "Remember this browser" when entering the Verification Code to add a cookie to their browser. 

Since it is a cookie that's stored on your web browser to recognize the device, the "Remember this browser" feature will not work with 'incognito mode'. In order to avoid the Verification Code step at each login, you would have to switch to using FileTrac without 'incognito mode' active for your web browser. 

Please note: Even if you use FileTrac outside 'incognito mode', deleting your browser's cookies will wipe its memory of your FileTrac login.  Therefore, you would again have to input the Verification Code (or press the green "Allow" button if using the Guardian Auth0 app).

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