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Creating a Capture Request

After connecting your HOVER account to FileTrac, creating a capture is just a few clicks away.  (If you do not know how to connect HOVER to FileTrac, click here for detailed instructions)

In order to place a Capture, the claim must contain the following:

  • Complete Loss Location (Street number, name, city, state and zip code)
  • Insured Name and email address (For Homeowner Capture)
  • Adjuster Name and email address (For Adjuster Capture)

Beginning the Capture Process

  1. From within the Manage Claims Tab select the Create Capture to the right of the desired claim.
  2. Confirm the Loss Location
  3. Select Adjuster or Insured to complete the Capture request
  4. Select the Wallet (This is defined by HOVER and may contain Carriers Shared Wallets if prior agreement has been made for the Carrier to pay)
  5. Approval Type:  
    1. Auto-Approve orders the HOVER Scope as soon as the photos are received and are subject to applicable charges and costs.
    2. Requires Approval - This is the Photo Only option and allows the photos to be captured and returned with no Order.  Admins can order at a later date, including during re-inspections, a roof only or complete HOVER report.
  6. HOVER Scope:  Defaults to a HOVER Roof Only or can be upgraded at any time to a HOVER Complete.  Both are subject to the current pricing of HOVER.
  7. The Select Create HOVER Capture Request and your capture is complete.

The Homeowner or the Adjuster will received communication from HOVER to direct them on how to complete the photos.  The process will be seamless and will require no further action, unless prompted in the HOVER Alerts section.

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