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Adding New Users


Admin Users will have access to your company's entire FileTrac system and will be able to create new user profiles.  It is important when setting up New Users to determine what type of access the User should have.  Before getting started you will want to get familiar with the access allowed for each User Role.

Please click on the links below to review 'Employee User Roles and Access' and 'Client User Roles and Access'

Understanding Employee User Roles and Access : FileTrac Support (freshdesk.com) 

Understanding Client User Roles and Access : FileTrac Support (freshdesk.com)

Adding New Users

1. Click on the Personnel Manager tab on the top bar.

2. Then click on the Add New User Symbol Icon

Description automatically generated found on the right of the screen.


The 'Add New User' page will open.  

The blue bar along the left allows you to jump to a specific section on the page. 

3. Fill out the form and complete as many fields as possible.  DO NOT USE QUOTATIONS MARKS WHEN ENTERING INFORMATION INTO A FIELD.  Fields with a red asterisk (*) are required fields.     

Contact Details

Most fields are self-explanatory.  See below for additional field details:

-Phone: If you wish to send text messages from the FileTrac system to the user's mobile phone, be sure to mark the box 'Mobile Number'.       


-Address Information:  Uncheck the box if you do not want the company address to default for the user.  You will then be able to enter the user's address.

User Notes

Notes added here can be seen by anyone with access to the Personnel Manager.  Additionally, notes added here for a 'ClaimsRep' can be seen by the ClaimsRepMgr for that Client and anyone assigned to a claim with that ClaimsRep user.

FileTrac Settings

-Branch: Assigning the user to a Branch will allow them to access the claims that are assigned to that branch.  Refer to the previous links for 'Employee User Roles and Access' and 'Client User Roles and Access' to review the roles that can 'Access all claims in a specific branch'.

-Can Login To FileTrac: Check this box if this user will be allowed to log in to your FileTrac system

-Designations: Select all that apply

-XactNET Address, Symbility ID: Include these items if your company has an XactAnalysis or Symbility Bridge with FileTrac

-Adjuster ID: This will populate on some billing exports such as the Ledes 2000.  If no number is entered, the userID will be the default on these exports (see below):

-Type of Assignment Notifications:

  • No Notifications- the user will not receive any notifications.
  • No Details- alerts the adjuster of a new claim in FileTrac
  • Brief- includes insured (and claimant if applicable) details and basic loss information
  • Detailed- includes complete information about the loss

-Max Workload: For use with the Adjuster Workload Alerts.  Set a max workload to receive an alert when a user has reached their maximum for open claims.

-User HOVER creation status:

  • Cannot create HOVERs- User will not see the HOVER Icon next to their claims nor will they be able to send a request for a HOVER.  If the user wants to request a HOVER, they will need to contact an administrator. 
  • Can create approval required HOVERs- User will see the Hover Icon next to their claims and they will be able to send up the request and take the photos within the app; however, they will not be able to order the report. This will require approval by someone designated within your company.  
  • Full HOVER access- User will be able to order Hover reports without any approval required. 

Ratings, Skills, Licenses, and Certifications

To enter information into these fields, click on either the corresponding box or the '+Add New' button.  Once the Years of Experience is entered for the selected items, it will automatically accrue from the date the user was first setup in FileTrac.  

For the Rating, Skills, Licensing and Certification Sections- if you do not see any options to select (or the +Add New button is missing) these sections will need to be configured on the Settings page by an Admin User.

Professional Details

Sending Invites for System Access

After entering the User's information, click 'Save' in the top right corner of the box (or 'Save & Close' if no further action is needed). 

Once the user has been saved, you will then need to send them an Invitation if they will be accessing your FileTrac system.

1. Click on 'FileTrac Settings' from the left menu

2. Select "Can Login to FileTrac" (if previously not selected)

3. Save the Profile

4. Click "Send Invitation"

The invitation will be sent to the user's email address entered in the Personnel Manager.  They will then be required to "Accept" the invitation in order to complete their link to your organization through their FileTrac Evolve account. 

To remove a user's access to your organization's FileTrac: 

1. Access the User's profile in the Personnel Manager

2. Deselect "Can Login to FileTrac", then select "Save"

Access can be granted again by selecting "Can Login to FileTrac" in their user profile in the Personnel Manager. 


The documents section will not be available until after you have saved this user.

Click Save & Close to close out the box. 

Audit Trail

Next Steps to Consider

  • Set up the Adjuster’s Payout if you are using FileTrac to track the amount owed to your adjusters.  Click the following link for instructions on Setting up the Adjuster Payout:

Adjuster Payouts for a New User : Evolution Global - FileTrac CMS Support (freshdesk.com) 

  • Assign Alerts to their name.  Click the following link for step-by-step instructions on how to assign Alerts:

Assigning Alerts- User Role Alerts and Individual Alerts : FileTrac Support (freshdesk.com)

  • Give Access to specific Reports from the Settings Page depending on their User Role.  Click the following link for instructions on Report Access:

Report Access (Admin Only) : FileTrac Support (freshdesk.com) 


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