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Creating a Clipping Outline

Last updated: 3/29/2020



A Clipping is something you store so you can use it again later. Use clippings to store frequently used information, easily misspelled words, notes you want to save and come back to, or anything else you can think of.  Clippings are set up by an Admin within your company.  They can be inserted into any text field that has the Clippings tab shown to the left.   


Creating Clippings

A Clipping can be created from anywhere within FileTrac that you see the My Clippings drop down box. 

  1. Hover over My Clippings and select Add/Edit Clippings to create a new Clipping.   
  2. Enter the Name of the Clipping.  Use a name that will easily identify the clipping. 
  3. Type or paste the Text for your clipping. 
  4. If this is a Clipping that will be used by your company users, check the box for Clipping for All Users! 
  5. Click on SAVE CLIPPING




Editing and Copying Clippings

Clippings can be Edited or Copied from within the My Clipping Add/Edit Clippings pop up.  The options available for editing a clipping are to make the clipping available to All Users, you can change the name of the clipping or you can add to or revise the text within the clipping.

  1. To Edit the Clipping click on Edit beside the clipping that needs revisions
  2. Make your revisions 
  3. Click on Save to save your changes or Cancel if you decide not to make the revisions

 *In order for some clippings to populate you need to first click inside of the open field and then select the clipping.


  1. To Copy a clipping, click on Copy beside the clipping that you want to copy.
  2. The text will be highlighted, and you will Right Click and select Copy from the drop down.   Now you are ready to paste this information.

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