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Adding a General Reminder


General Reminders are used to set reminders for either yourself, all users, all adjusters, or select users. 

Adding a General Reminder:

1. Click the Alerts tab

2. Click on FileTrac Reminders

3. Click Add General Reminder

4. Select the Date for the reminder

5. Type the note for the reminder or use 'My Clippings' to insert a saved note.

6. Select what users you want to see this reminder

7. Click Add Reminder

8. Click Close Page

Viewing Reminders:

From the Alerts page, the user will click on 'FileTrac Reminders' under the Select Alert section.  The reminders will appear in the Description field to the right. 

Reminders must be continuously maintained and cleared in order to prevent any issues caused by having too many backlogged reminders. 

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