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New Claim Creation Tips & Tricks


The New Claim Tab

Last updated: 3/29/2020


New Claim 


From within the New Claim tab you can manually create new claims in FileTrac.  New Appraisal is where you will create Auto Claims. New Claim is for all other types of Claims.  Creating claims is self-explanatory but there are a few features that are helpful and can save time if you know how to use them.  These features are pointed out below.


Mandatory Fields - In order to create a New Claim, you must select a Client Company and Client Contact.   If the Client Contact is not known you will need to create a generic User (Claims Dept.)


Important and Time Saving Features


  1. If your company does catastrophe work it is suggested that you create a storm for each catastrophe. This will enable you to pull data for that event only and will be very helpful with the tracking and reporting of the event.  The Storm will need to be created first and then will appear in the drop-down.  You can also create new claims for a storm from within the Manage Storms page. For instructions on how to create a Storm Event see the Support Page for Manage Storms.
  2. The Client Company is a mandatory field and will need to be created first which is done from the Companies tab. You can add a new company from this page by clicking on Quick Add a Client Company.  For instructions on setting up your companies see the Support Page for Setting Up Companies and Branches.
  3. Client Contact is a mandatory field.  Contacts cand be added by selecting from the drop-down box (This will not be enabled until after you have selected the Client Company.), or by utilizing the Quick Add Claims Rep or you can create a new contact by selecting the Show/Add Add’l Claims Reps.
  4. Assign Branch is a very important step in the process.   Each Client Company will need to have it’s own Branch name.  See the instructions on the Support Page for Setting Up Companies and Branches.
  5. Clippings are commonly used statements that can be set up by an Admin within your company.
  6. If you need to get out before completing the new claim be sure to hit Save Progress so that you can pick up where you left off. However, note that only ONE set of data can be saved. If you enter new data and hit submit prior to filling in the page with your saved data, you will lose your saved data.



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