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Default User's in Companies


Adding Default Managers, Supervisors, Reviewers to a Client Company is done within the Client Company page. This is recommended if you will always be utilizing the same person to either Manage, Supervise, or Review all claims for this Company. By setting a default person this eliminates the need to manually enter this information into the claim. The Default can be changed at any time or you can also assign a different User on a claim by claim basis at any time.  


Setting a Default Manager, Supervisor and/or Reviewer:

Follow the step by step guide below to create a default manager, supervisor, reviewer or adjuster for a company.

  1. Click on Companies.
  2. Click on the blue link for the Company Name where you wish to add default personnel.


3. Scroll down to the Default Manager/Supervisor/Reviewer and choose the appropriate person from the drop-down list.

4. Click Save Company


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