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Common/Standard Services and Fees with Adjuster Payouts


A Service is an amount charged for completing a task.  There are two places where Services and Fees can be created, the 'Settings' page and the 'Companies' page.  

-The 'Settings' page is where you will create the Services and Fees that will be visible for all of your Clients.  Only an Admin user can create Services and Fees that are created in the 'Settings' page. 

-The 'Companies' page is where a Custom Service list for a Client can be created.  A Custom Service list is a list of services that will only appear for that specific Client.  For instructions on creating custom services for a company, click on the below link:

Custom Services for Companies : FileTrac Support (freshdesk.com)  


The instructions below will guide you through the process of creating 'Services and Fees' from the 'Settings' page that will be available for all of your Clients.

I. Creating Standard Service Fees

1. Click on Settings tab

2. Click on Click Here to Configure

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Description automatically generated

3. Click on New Service 

4. Delete "New Service" from the Service Name field and enter the name of your Service.  You can add a Description to default on the time log entry and show on your invoice.  Then choose whether this service is Viewable or Hidden, and either Non-Hourly or Hourly.

'Hidden' is only for Admin use and will not appear for other users when entering time on the Timelog page.  (Hidden is also to be selected for services that are no longer being used.) 

5. (Optional): Select any or all that apply by checking the appropriate box:

Default Service- This option is for the service that is most commonly used and will be the defaulted service fee that appears from the drop-down when a user enters their timelog.

Callout Service- This option was previously used for different rates for services.  However, with the system enhancements that have been put in place, rates can now be set on each individual service. 

Taxable Service/Reimbursable Service- self explanatory

6. Default Qty (Optional):  You may enter an amount or leave as Zero.

7. Default Fee (Optional):  This is the default rate under any NEW client companies.  

8. Minimum Fee (Optional): This is used if there is a minimum fee to be charged for this service on the first invoice generated for each claim.

9. Service Category/Label (Optional): Services can be labeled under a category.  (Ex: Hours can be labeled under category 'Time'.) When a Category/Label is selected for a service, all Service fees for that Label will be grouped together on the invoice.  

*To add and/or manage Labels, click on 'Manage Labels'. 

a) Delete [NEW Label] and enter the name of your Label

b) Click Save

Continue steps (a) and (b) until all Labels have been created.  Then click on Services & Fees to return to the Services and Fees page. 

10. Configure selected services for Automated Entry (Optional): Automated entry can be applied 'Upon File Creation' (such as an Admin fee) OR as a percentage of a service fee 'Upon Invoice Creation'.  Choose 'Yes' or 'No' as to whether or not Auto-Entry should apply to Client Companies using their own Custom Service List.  

*IMPORTANT Note: Automated services noted as "Hidden" will populate under UNASSIGNED.  Automated services noted as "Viewable", will populate for the adjuster assigned on the claim. 

Upon File Creation- If you want an amount of this Service Fee to be applied Upon File Creation, enter that here.  If not, keep as zero.  

Upon Invoice Creation- To add the service charge as a percent of a fee, select the fee from the drop-down list.  NOTE: If an invoice is edited, then the percentage must be manually updated.

11. Click on 'Save Changes to Service'.   This sets the top section.

You will now see your Clients listed below. 

II. Setting the Service Rate for Your Clients 

1. Type in the 'Value' 

2. Click 'COPY DOWN' to copy this same rate or value across all of your clients.  You can also make changes to an individual carrier rate here. 

3. If you need to make changes to a particular company, enter in the value next to the corresponding company

4. Click on 'Save Pricing Changes'

III. Adjuster Payout for Standard Service Fees

1. Click on Service Payout Setup for the selected Service

2. You can choose to either Set as Rate for ALL EXISTING Adjusters (Option 1), or Set Rates for Adjusters individually (Option 2)

Option 1: Choose this option if the same rate applies to All Existing Adjusters

 If the same rate applies to most of your adjusters, you may choose Option 1, click 'Update Adjuster(s)', then change the User Payout on the adjuster(s) that have a different rate.  Then click 'Update Adjuster(s)' again, and 'Close Page'.

Option 2: Choose this option if you wish to set the rate individually for each Existing Adjuster

3. Select if the payout is based on a % of the Fee or Amount/Quantity

4. Type in the User Payout amount

5. Click on Update Adjuster(s)

6. Click 'Close Page'

Repeat as needed until all of your Services, Service Rates, and Adjuster Payouts are entered. 


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