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Documents - Viewing, Uploading & Bundling


QViewing & Uploading Documents

Last updated: 6/3/2020




You can view all reports that have been uploaded to a file and upload documents. To view documents in a file:


Click on REPORTS and the next page will display all reports in the file.  See image below for all options on the report page.




Adding documents to a file can be done in two different places.  To Add documents to a file from the Manage Claims tab:


Click on UPLOAD




To Add documents from the Reports page:



Click on the Add Docs Icon          


Once either of the above options are selected the window to Drag + Drop Files will appear, or you can choose to attach files by clicking on +Add Files.

Drag your documents to the window to use Drag + Drop or when you click +Add Files you will select your document from your computer to attach. You can add multiple files at the same time using either method.


Once the document is uploaded it will appear in the box and you will have the option to Convert it to a PDF, Exclude it from Notifications, Select the Date, Select what Type of document it is, Select a Milestone, Add a Description, mark it Confidential and also send Notifications with or without the document attached to the Assigned Adjuster, Supervisor or Manager.   You can also choose to make the files immediately visible to the client and choose to alert the client by email or post the file and don’t email anything.


After making your selections click on Upload to complete the uploading of your document.


After the files have completed the upload process you will see that it shows Upload Successful underneath your documents.



Bundling Documents


It may be necessary to bundle several documents into one and then put them in a specific order.  To create a bundled document each document will need to be uploaded separately into the file.  The documents will then be selected and put in the correct order.  To see how to bundle your existing documents in the file complete the following steps:


1. Starting from within a file click on the eye symbol  beside any document in that file.


2. Click on Bundle Report & Attachments


3. Set the Bundle Type

4. Sort the Documents into the Desired Order by using the arrows to move them up or down

5. Select the Documents to Bundle by check marking the box next to the document

6. Click either Create Bundle PDF or Bundle & Email



Doc Library


The Doc Library is where you will find the Client Instructions, Policies, Forms and Endorsement or any other documents your Company has uploaded for employees to view. To view the documents and attach them to the file if needed follow the instructions below:


  1. Click on Doc Library
  2. Select the Category for the form you are looking for
  3. Click on Click to view documents


Once you have Selected a Category the list of documents will appear.  You then have the option to view the document or attach it to the file.  

  1. To view the document, click on the Description of the document and it will open.
  2. To attach the document to this file, click on the paperclip Icon. You will get a message asking if you are sure you want to attach this document to the file.




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