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Multiple Companies Assigned to Client/Claims Rep. Manager


You now have the ability to allow a ClaimsRepMgr access to multiple companies under one FileTrac user account.  Please note that a ClaimsRepMgr role does allow the user access to all 'Branches' under each company for which they are given access to.  

Assigning Multiple Companies to One ClaimsRepMgr:

1. Go to the Personnel Manager page

2. Toggle to Clients and Search for the Claims Rep Mgr. by name (leaving 'Active' and 'Can Login' selected will only show accounts for this user that are active)

3. Select the Role ClaimsRepMgr from the drop-down

4. Click 'Search

5. Choose the account that includes the correct email address and information for the ClaimsRepMgr by clicking on their name. (Please verify all of the information for the Claims Rep. Mgr. is up to date and included for the user selected.)

6. Click on Company Access

7. Select a Company name from the drop-down (only one client company can be added at a time)

8. Click Link Company 

*Continue steps 7 and 8 until all companies needed are linked and showing in the list below.

9. If you need to remove a company from this user, simply click the red X

10. Once all companies needed have been added, close the page 

11. Click Save & Close

If you currently have a Claims Rep Mgr. with multiple FileTrac accounts and would like to set them up in your system so that they will only need to have one login/password to access all of their accounts, please verify which account they will be logging in with to Manage their companies.  

After access has been given to the one FileTrac user account, you can then mark their remaining Claims Rep Mgr. FileTrac accounts "Inactive".  Please make sure to communicate with your Client/Claims Rep. Mgr. that they will no longer be able to access their "Inactive" accounts and can now access all of their Client accounts through the one "Active" Login ID. 

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