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Adjuster Skills and Background Set in Users - For the Admin


Adjuster Skills & Background

Last updated: 6/4/2020


There are two sections on the Settings page to create information on your adjusters.  The Adjuster Skills Section and the Adjuster Background Section is where you will create your lists. The Settings page is where you will be adding your list of Certifications. Once a Certification is added in Settings an Admin User will be able to select the Certification, include the validation or recertification dates, along with the certification number. Once this information is being used in the system you will be able to search out users who meet the criteria to fill a position. 

  1. Click on the Settings tab on the top bar.


Click on any of the blue sections under General Setup to jump to that section.



Adjuster Skills

This is where you will start building more information about your adjusters.  The following categories are found within Adjuster Skills:  Adjuster Certifications, Adjuster Languages, Adjuster Licenses, Adjuster Software.  Certifications and Licenses can be tracked in FileTrac and if you have upgraded to the new system, FT2020, you will have the ability to use Business Intelligence to locate adjusters with expiring Certifications. 

  1. Click the drop-down box and make your selection
  2. Check mark the box and type in the type the skill/license/certification
  3. Click Add/Save Changes


Adjuster Background

This is where you will continue to build more information about your adjusters to include an Adjuster Rating if you would like to rate your adjusters.  You can create your own list of Adjuster Specialties.

  1. Click the drop-down box and make your selection for Adjuster Background Type and check mark the box and type in the rating or specialty
  2. Click Add/Save Changes



Adding Skills and Background Information to a User

Once the Adjuster Skills and Background information has been added to your system in Settings you are now able to start adding this information to each User. Follow the instructions below if you need help finding your way around. 

  1. Go to the Personnel Manager page
  2. Search for the User by using the fields or scroll through the list. (Remember, you now have the Can Login option so if you are searching for a User that cannot log into FileTrac change the search field.) Once the correct fields are selected click the Search bar.
  3. Click on the User’s Name to open their profile


4. Click on the appropriate section in the blue bar on the left to jump where you want to go or use the scroll bar.


5. Click on Add New Licenses or Certification for the appropriate section whether it’s Licenses or Certifications.

6. Choose from the drop-down list (this populates from what has been added on the Settings page) and fill out each field.

7. Click on Save or Save & Close



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