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Map Claims Page


Map Claims Page

Last updated: 5/10/2021



The map claims page is designed for mapping claims and locating field staff within a given radius up to 500 miles from the location of the claim. This should not be confused with the personnel manager where you are searching for field staff based upon their specific qualifications. The following instructions will guide you step by step through the process of locating claims on the Map Claims Page and assigning personnel to the claims.


Mapping Claims

To begin using the mapping feature you will first need to search for the claims and choose from the following options to narrow down your search. Please reference the screenshot below.

  1. Client Company – This field allows you to choose either all companies, just one company or multiple companies. The default is set to search for all. If you would like to limit the search click in the field and click on the company or companies one at a time to add to the search field.
  2. Loss Location – The default is set to all. If you would like to limit this search you can enter either a city, state or zip code to narrow the results.
  3. Loss Info – This section allows you to limit the search results by choosing a Cat Code, the Claim Status, the Loss Type and/or the Date Received on or after a particular date, checking the box for Uninspected Claims Only or Claims in Review will also help limit your search.
  4. Assigned – The default is set to all. This allows the user to locate claims by either a Manager, Supervisor or Reviewer assigned to a claim or locate claims within a specific Branch. 
  5. Adjuster - Another search option within the Assigned field is to search by “Adjuster”. The search options include the following choices: 

All Assigned Claims - Includes all claims that have been assigned to an adjuster. 

Unassigned – There are two selections for “unassigned”. To be sure you are including all claims that do not have an adjuster assigned check mark both Unassigned choices.

Individual Adjusters – To find claims assigned to an adjuster check the box next to the adjuster’s name.

6. Once you have completed making your field selections click the Search for Claims button. The map will display the claims based on your selections above.




The Icons are color coded. In the screenshot below you will see an auto claim and a property claim. The auto claim is identified by the vehicle icon and the property claim is identified by the house icon. A green icon illustrates that a claim is assigned to an adjuster and a red icon illustrates a claim that does not have an adjuster assigned. 



7. The next step is to select a claim by clicking on the icon on the map. You will notice that the icon is enlarged to show the claim you have selected. Notice in the bottom left of the screen the claim information will appear. 






8.  To locate adjusters in the area, click the Enable button for Search by Radius

9. Set the radius miles (limited to a 500-mile radius search)

10. Click Find Adjusters in Radius



You may need to drag the radius to the right location on the map.

The tan icon represents adjusters with a home address or a current CAT location within the radius selected. The green house icon represents an assigned claim within the radius. By hovering over the assigned claim, the map will display the name of the adjuster assigned to this claim and their open claim count/overdue claim count.






You can further refine your adjuster skillset by clicking on the Filter Adjusters





If you would like to limit the search results you can click on Filter Adjusters to access numerous fields to locate the adjuster that meet your criteria.


11. Click on the icon on the map for the claim/claims you wish to assign. You can assign multiple claims at one time to a single adjuster.

12. Click on the icon for the adjuster that will be assigned the claim.


13. Scroll down to see the list of claims, a check mark will indicate the claim/claims you selected.

14. The adjuster’s name will populate as the Assigned Adjuster.

15. You can choose to send the appropriate assignment notifications.

16. You can also assign a Reviewer, Supervisor and Manager all at the same time and also choose if they should be notified. In addition, you can choose to produce the acknowledgement letter as a PDF, email acknowledgement letters, produce loss notice PDF, email Loss Notices, or Assign to Hover (by clicking on Assign to Hover the hover assignment field will open).

17. Click Assign Files



If you would like to assign a claim to Hover the following popup will appear. You will be required to select the Capturer, Wallet, Approval Type and Hover Scope before clicking Assign Files.



Plotting Routes

Take advantage of the “Plot a Route” feature to quickly and easily get turn by turn directions from any starting point to each of your claims. 


  1. Enter the starting address in the field.
  2. Click on each property icon on the map in the correct order.
  3. Click Get Directions.
  4. Scroll down for the turn by turn directions.


If you would like to print the map and directions right click on the page and print a PDF.



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