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Voiding and Deleting Payments in Reserve Accounts



 Voiding and Deleting Payments in Reserve Accounts

Last updated: 6/26/2020




In the Financials section you can Void and Delete Payments. By Voiding a payment, a record will be kept showing the original payment and the Void. Deleting a Payment would be done if you simply incorrectly entered a payment amount prior to a check being issued. When a payment is Deleted there is no longer a record in the file showing there was a payment being issued for that amount.


Once a check has been issued you should always choose to Void rather than Delete the transaction.


Voiding and Deleting Payments


Voiding and Deleting Payments is done from within the Financials section of a Claim. 


  1. Click on Manage Claims
  2. Click on the $ symbol next to the corresponding File #




3. Click on Payments for the correct Coverage Line.


4. Find the payment that needs to be Voided or Deleted and Click on Del or Void.


If you selected Void, two pop ups will appear. See the two illustrations below. 

If you selected Delete skip to #8 in the instructions below.


5. The first, “Does this Payment need to be VOIDED under the Deductible?” If you want it to apply the Void to the deductible reserves, then Click OK. If you do not want it to apply the void to the deductible reserves, then click Cancel.



6. The second pop up, “We have auto-filled the data entry area above with the information for your VOID. Please review and click Submit Payment to save the VOID entry!” This is letting you know that the information has been auto filled based on the information from the selected payment to be voided. It is prompting you to double check your work to make sure you want to void this payment because this will affect the financials for the claim. Click OK



7. To apply the void, you still need to click on Submit Payment to save the Void. 


If you selected to Void the payment, you are finished, and you can disregard the instructions below for #8.


8. If you selected to Delete the payment you will see the pop up illustrated below. Click OK if you are sure you want to Delete.


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