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Check Manager



 Check Manager/Entering Check Numbers

Last updated: 5/11/2020




The Check Manager is found in the Financials section of a claim and exists for the purpose of printing checks and recording Check #’s.  This information feeds directly into the Reserve Checking Account. (To create a Reserve checking Account see the Support Document named Creating Reserve Checking Accounts.) It is also where you will enter the Check # if it was unavailable at the time that you were entering the payment. 


Entering Check #’s 


When a payment is entered, and the check number is not available at the time of the entry the check number will need to be entered once that information is received. The instructions below are to add a check number some time after the original entry. In this instance the payment has already been created and is only missing the check number.


  1. Click on Manage Claims
  2. Click on the $ symbol next to the corresponding File #


3. Click on Check Manager

4. Click on Create NEW Check 


5. The current date will auto fill in the date field. If needed, you can change the Date by clicking on the calendar icon.

6. The Bank Name will auto populate, or you may need to select the bank name from the drop down menu.

7. Enter the Check #. If the check number is not available, you can continue without out and will need to come back later and enter the check # in the Check Manager section, for your records.

8. Check mark the appropriate Reserve Payment

9. Toggle the correct Payee

10. If the address needs to be printed on the check for use with a mailing envelope with an address window toggle the Address.

11. Add a Note if you would like to include a description.

12. Click Save Check

The Checkbook Register screen will pop up and you will see the check listed. You can now click the Printer Icon to print the check. 


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