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Authority Levels - Setting Limits for Users



Setting Authority Levels

Last updated: 9/1/2022




As an Admin you have access to set the Authority Level for each User in your system. The FileTrac default is that a user has no limit until a limit is set for the User. Basically, they have unlimited authority unless you set a limit. By setting an Authority Level you will limit the dollar amount that a user can enter without requiring approval.  Authority Levels can be set for each user and then broken down to each Client Company for Aggregate Indemnity, Aggregate Expense, Reserves and Payments.

Please note that the system is designed to not allow any Reserve change or Payment change on a claim if the Date of Loss does not fall within the associated claim's defined Policy Period, regardless of Authority Level set for the adjuster/user.  If the Date of Loss is not within the defined Policy Period, the system sets the change as "Pending Approval" from a higher authority. The only exception to this would be if the current user is the Assigned Manager on the Claim or is an ADMIN level user.


User Authority Levels 


Follow the instructions below to learn how to set a User’s Authority Levels:


  1. Click on Personnel Manager from the main screen in FileTrac
  2. Locate the User and click on their Name


3. Click on User Authority Setup near the top of the page



4. In the appropriate column type in the Users Amount of Authority

5. Once you have finished entering the fields click Update User Authority



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