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Contacts & Common Contacts


Contacts are additional parties to a claim but are not users who will be logging into your FileTrac system.  These contacts may include attorneys, public adjusters, agents, or other people that are involved in the loss. 

Some of these contacts you may encounter repeatedly.  In this case you will want to save the Contact as a 'Common Contact' so that this person and their details can be added to other claims. 

Adding a Contact to a Claim


Contacts can only be added from within an existing claim.  

1. Click Manage Claims

2. Locate the claim that you wish to add a contact for and click on Contacts

3. Click on New Contact 

4. Search Common Contacts to see if the contact already exists.  If the contact already exists, click on their name to auto-populate their information.  Check the box next to Primary if this will be the primary contact for this claim.  Add/modify details for this contact as necessary, then click Save at the bottom of the page. 

*If the contact does not exist, continue with the below steps.  

5. Click the drop-down to select the Contact Type.  If the contact type does not appear, contact an Admin from your company.  

6. Check Primary if this will be the primary contact for this claim.  Then enter the contact's name and any additional details as needed. 

7. (Optional) If this is a contact that you will use regularly in other claims, check the box Commonly Used Contact? at the bottom of the page. This allows the contact to be added to other claims without having to enter the Contact information multiple times.

Unless saved as a Common Contact, the information for this contact will only be stored withing the one claim file.

8. Click Save

Managing Common Contacts

Once a contact has been designated as a Common Contact, you may edit their information and/or automatically add them to ALL New Claims.  

1. From within the Contacts page of a claim, click on Manage Common Contacts 

2. You may search by Contact Type and/or Search Type (ALL Contacts, Name, Company, etc)

3. Select the name of the Contact 

4. Modify any information or details as needed.  You will then also have an option to Automatically ADD this Common Contact to ALL New Claims... by checking the box next to this selection.

5. Click Save

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