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Tech Support

If you are experiencing an error in the FileTrac System, please refer to the below solutions before submitting a ticket:

1. Log out, clear your browser's cache, close all windows, then log back in.  

Microsoft Edge Instructions:  View and delete browser history in Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome Instructions:  Clear cache & cookies - Computer - Google Account Help 

2. Check your broadband connection (you can use Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test to test your internet speed)

3. If on Wifi, verify your computer is within range of your wireless router (i.e. check your signal strength)  A picture containing text, device, gauge

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4. Log into FileTrac from a different device (tablet, phone, or different computer)

  • FileTrac is a web based program which means that it can be accessible on any device (computer, tablet, phone) just by entering the Company URL into the browser and logging in.  If you do not experience the issue while on a different device, that would indicate there is a program or setting on your previous device causing the error.  You will need to contact your IT department or an IT specialist for further assistance.  

5. Check for updates on your computer

  • To check for updates on your computer, type 'Updates' in the bottom left search bar on your desktop.

6. Be sure you are using Windows10 and a supported browser such as Edge or Chrome.  Due to heightened security and tighter restrictions against cyber attacks, we do recommend using the most up to date browsers and computer systems as FileTrac may not operate properly, or at all, on certain systems that have not been verified or that are out of date.  

  • If using Edge, switch to Chrome, or vice versa.  If you do not experience the error while using a different browser, this would indicate that there is a setting or extension on your browser that could be causing the error.  If you wish to continue using the browser you are having the error with, you will need to contact your IT department or an IT specialist for further assistance.  

7. If using Chrome, disable extensions.  Now that more tasks are completed online, there is an increasing number of apps and browser extensions that have been found to disrupt many programs including the FileTrac system.  Usually this is done due to the amount of data and information these apps and/or extensions use.

  • In Chrome, you can view the installed Extensions by entering chrome://extensions/ into the address bar.  Chrome by default has installed Extensions, such as 'Docs', 'Sheets', 'Slides', 'Google Docs Offline', but if there are any other extensions installed, you may try disabling those to see if there is any improvement.

8. Set your browser to allow for cookies from your company's website by adding your Company's web address to your cookies list in your browser.

  • In Microsoft Edge: Enter <edge://settings/content/cookies> into your browser.  Then click on Add under the 'Allow' Category and add your company's FileTrac URL.
  • In Google Chrome: Enter <chrome://settings/cookies> into your browser.  Then click on Add under the 'Sites that can always use cookies' Category and add your company's FileTrac URL. 

9. Make sure that the date, time, and time zone Settings on your computer are correct. 

10. If connected to a VPN, disable it

11. Add an exception to the firewall or antivirus program on your computer for your Company's FileTrac website.  If you need assistance with this, please contact either your IT department or Customer Support for your specific antivirus program.  If you need the web address for the exception, please submit a ticket requesting of such and provide the company in which you are requesting it for. 

12. Reset router/modem

13. Verify the amount of free space available on your device by checking the storage on your computer.  This can be done by typing 'Settings' in the bottom left search bar on your desktop, then click on 'Network & Internet'.  

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