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FileTrac Support Portal "FreshDesk"


FileTrac utilizes the Support Portal "FreshDesk" to help manage support tickets and house support documents that assist users in navigating and completing tasks throughout the FileTrac system.  Many support documents are accessible both through the FileTrac Support Portal link https://filetrac.freshdesk.com and through the 'Helptool located within the FileTrac system.

Additionally, we do offer one-on-one and group training services to help our customers get the most out of our product.  Please note that there is a nominal training fee of $100 per hour for this personalized service.  If you wish to set up a training session, please submit a ticket requesting training and provide details such as the area and/or feature you are interested in.   

Accessing FileTrac Support Portal

To access the FileTrac Support Portal, navigate to "FreshDesk" by clicking the link https://filetrac.freshdesk.com (or enter it into the address bar on your browser).  You can then access the Support tools via the following categories:

A. Features & Solutions is where you will find support and training documents for both 'General' and 'Getting to know FileTrac' categories.  The support and training documents contain step-by-step instructions and screenshots to help walk users through various tasks within the FileTrac system.  

You will also find 'New Releases and Announcements' to help you stay up to date with the newest FileTrac releases, features, and enhancements.   

B. Announcements is a Community forum for System announcements, Feature Requests, Tips and Tricks, and to Report a problem.  

C. Submit a ticket is where you can submit a help ticket to receive additional support from our FileTrac team.  

D. My tickets is where you can manage, update, and check the status of support tickets that you have already submitted.

*IMPORTANT Note-To be able to submit a ticket and access your current support tickets, you will need to create a "FreshDesk" account and log in.  Refer to Section (III) for instructions on creating a FreshDesk account. 

You can enter a keyword into the Search bar to locate support documents for a particular topic.  Click 'Enter' on your keyboard to view the full list of documents related to your keyword. 

Click on the FileTrac logo to return to the Support Portal home page or click the  icon to reveal the Search bar.

Accessing Support Documents within the FileTrac System

If you are logged into the FileTrac system, you can access the training and support documents via the 'Help' tool in the bottom right-hand corner.  

1. Click on  in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.


2. Enter a keyword, then click or press 'Enter' on your keyboard.

3. Click on a document from the list to view the information within the document

4. You can then click on the icon if you wish to view the document full screen in a new tab, the Back button to return to the list of documents, or the X to exit out of the Support document.

Creating a FreshDesk Account

Some documents are not accessible without signing into the FileTrac Support Portal.  The first time that you log into the Portal you will be required to create a "FreshDesk" account.  This is a free service and once you have created your account, you will have access to additional Support and Training documents, as well as be able to create help tickets.  

To create your FreshDesk Account:

1. Navigate to the FileTrac Support Portal by either clicking the link https://filetrac.freshdesk.com or by clicking on the Support button in the upper right-hand corner of your FileTrac system. 

2. Then click the Login button in the upper right-hand corner

3. Click on the 'Sign up with us' button.

4. Enter your Information in the fields. (The only required information is your Full Name, Email Address, and IA Firm Name.)

5. Check “I’m not a robot”

6. Click Register

If you receive the below message, click 'Login' in the upper right-hand corner, then choose the option 'Forgot your password' and follow the steps to reset your password in Section (V) below.

Logging into FreshDesk

1. Click on the FileTrac Support link https://filetrac.freshdesk.com or click on the Support button in the upper right corner of your FileTrac system.

2. Click the Login button in the Upper right corner.

3. Enter your Email Address

4. Enter your Password for "FreshDesk"

5. If you would like your computer to remember your login information, check mark Remember me on this computer

6. Click Login

Resetting your FreshDesk Password

The FileTrac Support Portal "FreshDesk" is a separate site from the FileTrac system; therefore, your credentials for the two sites may not be the same.

In the event that you have forgotten your username or password for the FileTrac Support Portal, you can reset your password by clicking on the link labeled "Forgot your password?".  This will send a password reset to the email address associated with your account.

Be sure to check your spam folder if the password reset email does not appear in your inbox. 

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