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Alert Emulation- Admin Users Only


Alert Emulation allows the Admin User to select a User from the drop-down menu and view the Alerts for that User.  

This feature allows an Admin user to view the Alerts page as it appears for the selected User.  The Admin has the ability to select an Alert that has been set up for the selected User, view the list of claims that fall under that Alert, and then access the claims from the Alert Emulation page.  

Any notes added to the system, or documents uploaded, will show as being done by the Admin User.

Utilizing Alert Emulation:

1. The Alert Emulation page is found by hovering over the Alerts tab and clicking on Alert Emulation.

2. Once you are on the Alerts Emulation page, you will need to Select a User from the drop-down list.

3. You can then click on an Alert in the 'Select Alert' Column to view the results for that item. 

4. Results of the selected Alert will show in the Description field and will list claims or data based on the selected Alert.  Click on any hyperlinks to either be directed to the claim, directed to the Diary Notes for that Claim, or to send an email. 

If an Alert type needs to be added to a user, click on the below link for step-by-step instructions on how to add alerts:

Assigning Alerts- User Role Alerts and Individual Alerts : FileTrac Support (

Alerts and Reminders must be maintained and cleared in order to prevent any issues caused by having too many backlogged alerts/reminders.  


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