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Time & Expenses - How to Add These Charges to a Claim


The Timelogs clock Icon is where you will enter your Time and Expenses for a claim. From the 'Manage Claims' page, hover your curser over the clock icon.  This will display the total amount of unbilled services that have been entered on a claim.  (Once it has been billed it will no longer show as an unbilled service when hovering over the clock icon.)

Please note that the ability to Add or Edit timelog entries cannot be made on "CLOSED" files.

The file will need to be reopened in order for a timelog to be made and/or edited.  If you do not have access to the 'Update Claim Status' page, you will need to contact an Admin from your company, or a user with access, and have them reopen the file.

Table of Contents:

I. Entering a Timelog on a Claim

II. Entering an Expense on a Claim

I. Entering a Timelog on a Claim:

1. Click on the 'Manage Claims' page

2. Click on the Clock Icon to open the page to enter your Time & Expenses on the claim

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1. Change the date if needed, otherwise date will populate with today’s date

2. Add Billing Comments if you need to provide more information to your staff about this billing

3. Select the correct Macro Template.  This will auto populate fields once a selection is made. 

4. Select the Service Name drop-down for the service you are billing for.  Check the box to the right of the Service Name to default any Service Description and quantity entered for that Service

5. Select the appropriate Code for your billing (this will automatically populate the Code Description)

6. Add a Description if you would like to add more details

7. Fill in the Quantity to be billed

8. Click on 'Submit Timelog Entry'

9. Once a Timelog has been entered, it will populate under 'Services Entered'

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If you need to add multiple Time logs, click on 'Add Service Row' prior to clicking on Submit Timelog Entry.  Once you have added all your entries then click Submit Timelog Entry.

 II. Entering an Expense on a Claim:

1. Click on 'Add Expense Row'

2. Click the drop-down to select the Expense type

3. If the adjuster needs to be reimbursed for this expense you MUST check this box. If your company has paid for this expense (and not the adjuster), you will NOT want this marked.

4. Fill in a Description

5. Fill in the Amount that applies

6. Click on 'Submit Timelog Entry'

7. Once the expense has been saved it will appear in the window for 'Expenses Entered'.

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