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Photo Blank Error/Iphone Photo Orientation


iPhone Photo Error

Last updated: 1/25/2021


FileTrac is aware of a photo error which is caused by iPhones from 2017 models on.  If you are experiencing a problem with blank photos being uploaded into FileTrac or photos that turn blank when attempting to bundle, we have a couple of solutions.   The newer iPhones have a camera setting for High Efficiency which is causing the error. 


You may have noticed that some users are able to view the same photos that are presented as blank to other users. A user with a laptop that has the software installed for "HEVC Video Extensions from Device Manufacturer" will be able to view these photos while others without this software will see a blank or all black photo.  


Solution Options


Solution #1


Change the camera settings in your iPhone. Follow the steps below to change the settings.


            Click on the cell phone (1) Settings Icon 

Scroll down and click on the (2) Camera Settings  and then (3) Format







Click on (4) Most Compatible.  This will automatically convert all photos to a readable jpeg.





Solution #2:


The photos will be converted properly when emailed from your iPhone.  Follow these steps to email photos from your iPhone.


  1. Open the Camera
  2. Open all Photos
  3. Click on Select
  4. Touch the photos that you want to send. When a photo is selected a check mark will appear
  5. Click the Upload Icon
  6. Click the Mail Icon
  7. Enter the Email Address you wish to send the photos to
  8. Hit the Send Icon
  9. Open the email and download the photos into a folder on your desktop
  10. Drag the photos in through the Image Upload section of FileTrac.  If you need additional assistance with how to upload photos Click Here.


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