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Mobile Access


FileTrac is no longer supporting the FileTrac App as it has been replaced with an interface scaled for smart phone screens.  Rather than using an app on your phone, you can connect directly to your company's FileTrac system by simply logging into your Evolve account at https://ftevolve.com on your mobile device and entering your Evolve credentials.  

Through the 'Mobile Access' interface, you will be able to update claim notes, upload photos, make time log entries, and access the quick update claim data fields. 

Bookmark/Saving the Page on your Mobile Device

You can now Bookmark and/or save https://ftevolve.com to your Favorites on your mobile device so that you can easily access your FileTrac account(s).  

The instructions below will walk you through saving it as a favorite on an Apple iphone; however, the exact steps may vary depending on your specific device type and model.  Instructions for most devices can be found online or through your phone carrier's customer support. 


For APPLE Users:

1. Click the  icon at the bottom of your phone screen:

2. Choose either Add Bookmark or Add to Favorites

3. Name the Bookmark/Favorite

4. Choose a folder for the bookmark (if not added to your Favorites)

For Android Users: when you are on the website, click on the 3 dots in the Upper right-hand corner & choose to save the bookmark on your home screen.

Mobile Platform 

To access the Mobile Platform, click on Mobile Access at the top of your screen to connect to the interface scaled for smart phone screens:

Shown below is a screenshot of what FileTrac looks like in Mobile Access.  If you only have a small number of claims, you can simply scroll down to locate the claim you are working on or you can take advantage of the search bar to locate a specific claim.


Click on the green time clock to enter your time logs in the selected claim.

Click on the Notes icon to enter your notes in the selected claim.

Click on the Photo Upload icon to upload photos in the selected claim.

Click on the Quick Update Claim Data to enter either the claim amounts, date of inspection or date of first contact.

Adding the Evolve Webpage to your iPhone Home Page

1.   Open the browser on your iPhone

2.  Navigate to https://ftevolve.com


3.  Select the Box with the Up Arrow



4.   Select Add to Home Screen


5.   Rename Website from  Signin to Evolve then click Done to help you quickly find the shortcut.


6.   Your new shortcut will now be available on your home screen.


7.  Click the Shortcut Icon to quickly connect to Evolve.

Note:  You will need to log into Evolve when you click the icon.


From Android Phone

1.  Open the browser on your mobile phone.

2.  Navigate to https://ftevolve.com.

3.  Tap the menu icon (3 dots in upper right-hand corner).

4.  Add to home screen.

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