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Incorrect LoginID/Password; Resetting Password

*IMPORTANT Note: FileTrac Employees are unable to access or reset user login information (loginID/password).  A user will need to contact an Admin from the company they are logging in for to retrieve their loginID or have credentials resent to them (Section II below). 

Table of Contents:

I. Causes and Remedies for Error Message

II. Resending Credentials - Admin Only

III. Resetting Your Password

IV. Password Reset for Users with Multiple FileTrac Accounts

I. Causes and Remedies for Error Message:

  • The user is using the Incorrect Web Address (this is especially important if a user works for multiple companies) 
  • Contact an Admin from your company to verify the FileTrac URL Web Address for that company.  As FileTrac has multiple databases, it is important that you use the correct link for your company in order to access your company's FileTrac system.  If you are bookmarking the FileTrac link(s), please click and review the following solution page:  Bookmarking a FileTrac URL : FileTrac Support (freshdesk.com)
  • The user is copy/pasting their login credentials and are inadvertently picking up blank spaces either before or after their LoginID and/or password.
  • Check for spaces after pasting the loginID/password on the 'Welcome' page or enter the credentials manually
  • The user is entering the Incorrect LoginID
  • On the 'Welcome' page do NOT enter your email address if your email address is not your LoginID.  You will need to contact an Admin from your company to verify your LoginID and/or send new credentials to you from your user profile page (Section II below).
  • If you have saved your credentials in your browser, click in the 'Username or email address' box and either choose or enter the correct loginID for your company. 

  • The user is entering the Incorrect Password
  • Click on the eyeball to verify the password was entered correctly and check that no spaces were entered either before or after the password (manually enter if necessary).

  • After verifying your LoginID with an Admin from your company, you can reset your password by following the instructions in Section III below or have an Admin from your company send new credentials to you from your user profile page (Section II below).

**IMPORTANT Note: If you are not directed to the 'Welcome' page (screenshot above) after clicking on the FileTrac link for your company, it may be necessary to clear the cookies in your browser cache.  Click on the following link for step-by-step instructions on how to clear your browser cache:

Clearing Your Browser Cache : FileTrac Support (freshdesk.com)

If you work for multiple companies, you will have a separate account for each company.  Keep a list of each company, along with the associated FileTrac Web address, your credentials, and your primary contact email address for each account.

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Multiple FileTrac Accounts : FileTrac Support (freshdesk.com)

II. Resending Credentials- Admin Only

1. Go to Personnel Manager tab

2. Search for and click on user's name

3. Choose FileTrac Settings from left blue menu bar

4. Click "Send new credentials" located in the section Login ID

An email will then be sent to the email address entered in the (*) required email field on their user profile page.

This email will contain the FileTrac URL for your system, their LoginID, and a new auto-generated password (see sample below):

III. Resetting Your Password:

Once you have verified your LoginID, you can reset your password.  The below instructions will walk you through the process of resetting your password for an account.

1. After clicking on the Web Address link for the company you are logging in for (or entering the Web Address into your browser address bar), click on "Forgot Password"  

2. On the 'Forgot Your Password' page, enter the email address that is listed as your primary email address for that company, do NOT enter your LoginID/Username.

If you need to verify and/or change the email address listed on your profile for a company, you will need to contact an Admin from that company.  They will be able to verify and/or make any changes such as email, phone number, address, etc. 

3. Then click Continue.  An email will be sent to that email address that contains a link.  Click on the link to reset your password (be sure to check your spam folder if it does not appear in your inbox).  If the email is in your spam/junk folder, you may need to mark the email as "Safe" before you are able to access the link within the email.  

When resetting the password for a FileTrac account, you must choose a password that you have not previously used for this account.  If you attempt to reset to a previously used password, you will receive the error below. 

Once your password has been changed, enter the FileTrac web address for the company you are logging in for.  Then enter your LoginID along with your new password and continue forward with the login process.

IV. Password Reset for Users with Multiple FileTrac Accounts:

Resetting your password in one FileTrac account, will also change the password(s) for your other accounts that share that same URL link and the contact email address is the same for those accounts. 

For instance, in the below example the user uses the link <https://cms14.filetrac.net> to log into two of the companies he works for.  The user's email address listed as the primary contact email address for both of these accounts is <johndoe@filetrac.net>.  

Using the reset password function, the password will reset for both accounts since they both use the same FileTrac link <https://cms14.filetrac.net> and both have <johndoe@filetrac.net> listed as the primary contact email address. 


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