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Contacts and Template Letters for Adjusters


Contacts for Adjusters

Last updated: 6/3/2020




By clicking on Contacts, you will find the list of contacts that are involved with this file and their contact information.  Here you can also create a Template Letter and attach it to the file. Template Letters are preformatted documents that have been created as a template that uses tokens to insert information from the file.   


After you have clicked on Contacts as shown above:


  1. Select the Category by clicking on the drop-down button for Select Category
  2. Select a Template by clicking on the drop-down button for Select Template
  3. Pick the Branch by clicking on the drop-down button for Branch Address for Letterhead and the Report Name will automatically populate
  4. If you want to view the document first check the box for Auto open this pdf/dox/xls after creation and Click on either Produce Letter (PDF) or Produce Letter (DOC/XLS)
  5. The document will populate in Saved Letters and you can view it by clicking on View


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