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Website Embedded - New Assignments


Website Embedded - New Assignment

Last updated: 5/12/2021


The New Assignment feature gives you the ability to share a link or imbed a link on your website which can be used by carriers to submit claim assignments directly in FileTrac. Once the carrier submits the assignment, the assignment will appear as an alert and your company will then click on the Assignment Alert to create a New Claim. All information provided by the Carrier in the Assignment will populate in the New Claims page. 

New Assignment Feature

The information below walks through the steps of creating a New Assignment (which would be completed by the carrier) and the steps that need to be taken by someone within your organization to convert the New Assignment into a New Claim.

  1. Obtain Link from FileTrac: To take advantage of the New Assignment feature you will need to submit a ticket to FileTrac Support by sending an email to support@filetrac.net.  You will need to request the New Assignment link for your company. This link can be emailed to the carriers or it can be embedded on your website. If you are not familiar with the process to submit a ticket or have never visited our support site please click here for instructions.
  2. Set Alerts: Prior to providing the link to the Carrier your company will need to assign the Pending Assignment alerts to an individual or user role.  The User or Role will be responsible for converting the submitted Assignment into a New Claim in FileTrac. See the image below for the alert options. If you are not familiar with how to assign an alert to an individual or user role click here for this support document.

  1. Carrier Submits Assignment: The Carrier will click the link, fill out the claim details and click Save Assignment at the bottom of the page to submit the assignment. The drop-down options in the fields come directly from your Settings page. This page mimics the New Claim page as shown in the image below.

You MUST have cookies enabled in order for your submission to be successful.


Create New Claim by following the steps below:  

  1. From the Alerts page click on the Pending Assignments alert to view the assignments submitted by the carrier.
  2. Click on View Pending Assignment List.

3. Select the Client Company from the drop-down. The New Assignment will not be linked to your client company and you will need to select the client company from the drop-down list.

4. Select New User Information.  The client contact will also need to be selected from the drop-down list.

5. Save Customer.

Once the assignment has been submitted you are directed to the Assignments page which shows all submitted assignments. If an assignment has been sent in error, it can be deleted by clicking on the trash can to delete.

To create the claim continue following the instructions below:

6. Click on the Customer File # to Accept this Assignment.

7. The New Claim page will open and the information provided for in the assignment will auto populate, add additional details as needed and when complete save the claim at the bottom of the page by choosing either Save Claim, Save and Upload Reports or Save and Start Another Claim.


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