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Macro Templates


Macro Templates

Last updated: 7/2/2020


FileTrac allows you to group service fees and expenses together and save them as a macro which can be entered in the Timelog page for any claim. The macros can be saved with the description and quantities. Once the macro is selected all fields will be populated and the user will have the ability to edit the description field and quantity field as needed and can also unselect a service or expense if it should not be included in the claim. Macro Templates can help save time and avoid errors in your Timelog entries.


How to Create a Macro Template 

  1. Go to the Manage Claims page
  2. Click on the clock icon  to open the Timelog page.



3. Add all service fees you want included in the grouping, type the description you want populated in the description box (you will be able to edit this if needed when entering the Timelog), and select the quantity that you want to auto populate (this can be edited when making an entry).

4. Check mark “Save Macro Template” and name the template. The name is what you will see when selecting a template.



5. The macro will now be available in the drop-down box for Pre-Fill from Macro Template.


6. After selecting the macro, the fields will auto populate, and you will be able to edit the description and the quantity fields before saving the Timelog in the file. You can also uncheck an entry on the left of the Service Name if you don’t want to include it in a claim. Click on Submit Timelog Entry once you have made all changes.



If a template macro is incorrect or the saved macro needs to be changed you will need to go into “Manage Macros” and delete the macro and create a new one. If there are only a few minor changes I would suggest running it, making the changes and then save a new macro. Then you can delete the macro that is incorrect.


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