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Line Item Credits


Unfortunately, the occasion can arise where your client may require that certain charges on your invoice be removed or adjusted.  If payment has already been made to the adjuster for items on the invoice, FileTrac will not allow you to void the invoice.  However, you can make the adjustment by applying a Line Item Credit.  Line Item Credits allow you to add or deduct the overall value of the invoice and also make adjustments to the adjuster's pay if necessary.  

Table of Contents:

I. Enabling/Disabling Line Item Credits

II. Applying a Line Item Credit

I. Enabling/Disabling Line Item Credits: to Enable or Disable the ability to apply Line Item Credits:

1. Click on the Settings tab

2. Click on Line Item Credits

3. Choose Enable or Disable

4. Click Save This Setting

II. Applying a Line Item Credit: The steps below will walk you through applying a Line Item Credit to an invoice, as well as applying it to the adjuster's payout. 

In the example below, the adjuster has already been paid; however, an adjustment needs to be made for the mileage that was billed.  We will apply a Line Item Credit to the mileage portion of the invoice, then adjust the adjuster's payout. 

1. Select the Billing Page

2. Select to search by Invoice # and enter the Invoice # in the field

3. Select the Invoice Date

4. Click on Search

5. Click on the Invoice #

6. Click Line Item Credits

7. Click Add Credit for the line item that needs to be adjusted.

8. The current Date will auto fill.  (If you need to change the date to reflect an earlier date, click the calendar and select the correct date.)

9. Include a Description to explain why this amount is being credited.

10. The quantity will auto fill.  If only a portion of this fee needs to be credited, you can adjust the Quantity here.

11. Click Save Credit Line

The credit will show up directly under the original entry.  (If you made a mistake, you can delete your entry by clicking on the trash can.) 

**IMPORTANT Note: When entering Line Item Credits on items that are taxable, the taxes will not automatically recalculate.  You will need to calculate and manually enter the adjusted Sales Tax on the Invoice Worksheet page.  

12. Click on Invoice Worksheet (Notice that the credit is now showing at the top of this page along with the remaining balance owed.)

13. If you want this amount to be deducted from the adjuster, check the Sync button next to the charge.  If this will not be deducted from the adjuster, skip this step and continue to Step 14.

14. Click Save Update Invoice

If step 13 above was completed, the adjustment will then be reflected on the adjuster's payout (see below): 

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